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It's not what you learn, It's whom you train under 


a n harinath

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CTI.Hari Nath is the founder & developer of CETRCM & SRCT System. He is the first Indian, trained in Prestigious KING ABDULLAH II SPECIAL OPERATIONS TRAINING CENTER-JORDAN, Certified as PMC- PRIVATE MILITARY CONTRACTOR, TACTICAL FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR, PSD IN HIGH-RISK AREA & TCCC- TACTICAL COMBAT CASUALTY CARE MEDIC directly under 1st Special Purpose Unit of the Internal Forces "Vityaz" RUSSIAN ODON & FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION Instructors.


Some of his achievements including but not limited to:

  • Introduced SRCT Urban Warfare Concept to National Security Guards & trained them in Hybrid CQB tactics & procedures: Including teams from 51 & 52 Special Action group.

  • Weapon Demonstrator for IWI: Israeli Weapons Industries, India.

  • Technical Member of Weapons & Equipment’s procurement Committee of Ladakh Police.

  • He formed & trained Close Protection & Residential Protection Teams Comprising of Ladakh Police, Ex-NSG & Para SF Operatives of:
    *Hon.Shri Radha Krishna Mathur, Lt.Governor of UT Ladakh
    *Hon.Shri Nara Lokesh, Ex-IT Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Son of Hon. Shri Chandrababu  
      Naidu, Ex-Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

  • Founding Member of Ladakh Police QRT & High Risk Protection Unit: Selection, Training, SOP & Operational Structure.

  • Founding Member (Tactical Training) of Haryana Police S.W.A.T.

  • Inspiring Indian 2018 Awardee: Awarded By Ex-Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh,
    Hon. Shri Konijeti Rosaiah.

  • Trained Centre of Advance Systems (DRDO) & Advanced Numerical Research and Analysis Group (DRDO) Security (Indian Army).


He is one of the finest instructors in the country who has secured the best skills and tactics in KRAV MAGA & FIREARMS TACTICS. He started his journey 21 years ago with karate! Subsequently, over the years he had cross-trained in Israeli Krav Maga, Advance Firearms Tactics, Urban Warfare, Hybrid CQB, Close & High Risk Protection & so on. Over the years he had trained Armed Forces of India in advance combat and warfare tactics which includes developing & introducing the most advance combat system SRCT CONCEPT to elite units like NSG, PARA SPECIAL FORCES, OCTOPUS & GREY HOUNDS.  He is also the Security Consultant (Training & Tactics) to UT Ladakh Police, directly under ADGP Ladakh.

  • Founder of CETRCM: Center For Tactical Research & Combat Medicine

  • SRCT System Developer


  • KRAV MAGA TRAINING, Italy Director Cum Representative For India                                      

  • Certified PSD In High-Risk Area

  • Certified Private Military Contractor (PMC)

  • Certified Firearms Instructor: Specialist In AK & Glock Platforms

  • Graduate Level Krav Maga Instructor

  • Certification In Islamic Extremism And International Terrorism

  • TCCC Medic: EBSSA Certified Tactical Combat Casualty Care MedicCertified In Homeland Security (CHS-B)

  • Certification In UNDSS BESAFE

  • Certification In UNDSS Preparing & Responding To Active Shooter Incidents

  • Certification In Active Shooter Management

  • Certification In Breaching Methods

  • Certification In Terrorism Awareness & Study

  • Certification In Domestic Terrorism

  • Certification In CQB Tactics

  • Certification In Bomb Threat Management

  • Certification In Crisis Response Coordinator (CRC)

  • Certification In CBRN

  • Certification In Field Trauma Medicine

  • Certification In Basic Life Support (BLS)

  • Certification In Hot & Cold Injuries

  • Certification In Mass Casualty Incident (Basic)

  • Certification In Risk, Crisis & Disaster Management

  • Certification In Tactical Surveillance

  • Certification In Land Navigation & Tactical Compass

  • Certification In Celestial Navigation (Basic & Advance)

  • Certification In Universal Transverse Mercator

  • Certification In PAUL’s Navigation System

  • Certification In Human Intelligence 101/201/301

  • Certification In Counter Intelligence

  • Certification In OPSEC

  • Certification In Terrorism Risk Management

  • Certification In WMD / Terrorism

  • Certification In Interviewing Vs. Interrogation

  • Certification In Man Tracking

  • Certification In Survival (Essentials)

  • Certified Close Protection Officer Cum Instructor

  • High Risk Protection Instructor

  • Krav Maga Military & Law Enforcement Instructor

  • Women Safety & Protection Expert

  • Certified In Cyber Security

  • Counter Terrorism Instructor

  • S.W.A.T & Urban Warfare (Armed: Firearms) Expert

  • IED Awareness

  • Tactical Knife Expert

  • Tactical Baton Expert

  • Tactical Negotiator

  • Vehicle CQB Instructor

  • Defensive Security Driver-B Level

"Fight Smart than Hard"


Engage your brain before you engage your weapon

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